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Janet McLellan

Holistic Bodywork

Feeling Tension?

Would you love to be comfortable in your own skin again?

Do you have ongoing pain? A health condition? Stress or anxiety?

Are you struggling to move comfortably, get a good night's sleep or to concentrate at work?

Noticing the ongoing effects of trauma?

Feel stuck?

If something is affecting your freedom of movement and flexibility or impacting your sense of balance, ease, vibrance and flow,

I aim to help......

You deserve more freedom.

I use Kinetic Chain Release (KCR Accredited Practitioner), Swedish (Deep Tissue) Massage,

Indian Head Massage, Reiki (Master/Teacher) and Hopi Ear Candling to help you back to

pain-free, easy-moving, flowing, comfortable & joyful living.

You are an incredible being: your body, mind, emotions and energy all work together and affect each other - I want to  work with you to alleviate discomfort and restriction.

Let's get you moving freely, restore your balance and get your energy flowing naturally again.

Appointments available at:
The Carrick Clinic, Prestwick

Enquiries and appointments:

07443 524281

Fbk:  Janet McLellan, Holistic Bodywork

Email:  janetstherapies@yahoo.com


Kinetic Chain Release & Connective Tissue Release

You will experience a series of gentle and safe mobilisations and stretches which work to realign posture and re-establish balance within your body. For many, it has relieved and frequently resolved chronic pain and a wide variety of conditions. It also boosts energy levels. Having benefitted people of all ages, including children, it could be what you're looking for.
"When the physical body is brought into balance many existing and/or physical disabilities or discomforts simply disappear instantly." (Hugh Gilbert)
If you're involved in sport, it's also known to enhance athletic performance.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage can help relieve pain, tension, stress, fatigue and is deeply relaxing.

Massage has been used for thousands of years and a variety of techniques have beneficial effects on the body, including reducing tightness in the muscles so making your movements easier; soothing nerves; elimination of toxins; nourishing the skin and promoting good circulation. Wonderful for body and mind!


Reiki helps the body's natural ability as a perfect healing system, freeing blocked energy and re-establishing harmony and balance. Depending on the client, this can be experienced on a physical, mental and/ or emotional level. The energy is channeled by placing my hands on or over your body's energy centres (chakras). It can relieve pain and brings feelings of peace, being centred and deep relaxation.
Reiki is suitable for anyone who wants to experience it, including children. There are no side-effects. Get your mind, body and soul working in harmony!

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Janet McLellan

AIRMT (Hons.), Accredited KCR Practitioner

 For years, I loved working as a teacher for children with Special Educational Needs/ Additional Support Needs and interspersed this with travelling and working overseas, seeking my own personal peace, finding what worked for me to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I started training in Reiki in India and Thailand in 2005/6, both incredible experiences which awakened my awareness of the energy in us and all life. Everything is energy, including us. In both those countries and then in Bali, I  was fascinated to see how widely massage is used to optimise and maintain good health. In Scotland we often wait till something breaks before we try to fix it! I was impressed and wanted to know more.

In Australia, I was delighted to do a short Swedish Massage course and it really fired up my passion for working with the body and body/mind connection. After returning home and becoming a Mum, I studied Swedish Massage and Anatomy & Physiology to Diploma Level with Honours with the Ayrshire School of Complementary Therapies. I am an Associate Member of the International Register of Massage Therapists. 


More recently, I've become a Reiki Master and am now teaching Reiki courses. I thoroughly enjoy passing on the teachings which allow people to experience channelling this universal energy themselves, for themselves and others. A beautiful experience.


The most exciting training so far is in Kinetic Chain Release and Connective Tissue Release, an incredibly effective set of techniques which help people return to better health from a whole range of conditions and difficulties. I am so excited to bring this to my clients and love seeing them feeling better and glowing, it can make a truly incredible difference! More recently, I've been training in KCR techniques specific to Women's health as our bodies go through a lot. I'm an Accredited Practitioner and can be found on their website.


Indian Head Massage is my most recent training, oh so deeply relaxing and because I see so many clients with upper back, neck & shoulder tension.


I believe in living well and with vibrant energy - when you feel good, the world feels good! Let's do that!


S. Craig

"Having spent a number of years suffering and trying bone crunching techniques Janet introduced me to KCR. Rather than focusing on clunking joints in one area Janet works through your entire frame from your toes to your head. Gentle manipulation, really working on relaxing your body with deep breathing makes you mould to your proper alignment. But the best bit is you continue to feel the improvement for a number of days if not weeks after the session. Not the short term instant relief of other techniques but quiet relaxing realignment. A wonderful experience and one I would truly recommend. An open mind is a happy body."
"I can thoroughly recommend Janet as a skilled bodyworker. I have recurring neck problems and a prolapsed disc in my lower spine that flares up occasionally, and I have sought Janet’s help numerous times. Without fail, I have come away in much better shape than I arrived. Her knowledge, abilities and desire to get to the root of things is the sort of combination you only find in someone who is really passionate about what they do. Janet’s ability with massage and Reiki are exceptional, But it is KCR, (Kinetic Chain Release), that I think is very exciting and have personally found really helpful. I think we will be hearing a lot more about this therapy. Whether you’re in pain, struggling with mobility or just need to relax and re-energise, look no further than Janet McLellan."
S. Craig
"Thoroughly amazing. Felt like all tensions taken away & dumped on the floor." 
J. G.
"Utterly astonishing... (KCR & CTR) feels like unfreezing and getting all straightened out again. Sitting so much straighter now and feel so much more free."
P. H.
"The pain in my foot has almost gone, it has localised to the last inch of my heel on the sole of my foot! I got out of bed today and walked for the first time in over a year almost pain free I was weight bearing fully ! Now for the interesting bit, I never woke up till 7.30am first time in as long as I can remember I have not went to the loo in the middle of the night fantastic!"
"Feeling great after my KCR therapy-hip pain gone,back pain gone and shoulder pain gone! Cannot thank Janet enough x" C.G.
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